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The A Side

Marc Phillips hosts this podcast about the history of Alabama music, past, present and future... and features interviews with singers, song writers, musicians and artists of all genres. The A Side explores their influences and accomplishments, and goes behind the scenes to hear stories that have never been told before ranging from the inspiration of a song to their life on and off the road.

Sep 19, 2016

This weeks guest on "The A Side" is Damon Johnson. Damon was born in Macon Georgia and grew up in Alabama. As a young boy he struggled to figure out if he would ever become a musician or not. Now his musical paths have crossed many roads playing and working with such artists as Pat Upton of The Spiral Starecase to Brother Cane, Alice Cooper and Thin Lizzy just to name a few. As a singer, writer, and rock guitarist he is now working on a new project with his band Black Star Riders.